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Research Activities

CPPD independent research, analysis and policy development aims to open up opportunities and prosperity for all Nepalese. During the last two decades, CPPD has undertaken  several research projects studies on issues of development economy, poverty alleviation, trade and commerce, education and good governance.  Research done by CPPD has helped the Nepal government with policy formulation and implementation.

Below is the list of research studies we have done so far:  

  • Worked as a Local Partner for implementing ‘Access to Finance for the Poor Program‘ with the assistance of DFID in which The Louis Berger Group Inc. of USA is a lead agency. This project (2014-2020) is mainly focused on then Mid and Far Western development regions. Major interventions of the project are SME Financing, Downscale and Value Chain financing by banks, Automation of MFIs, Increased uptake of micro insurance, Mobile Finance Services, Outreach expansion and Product Innovations.
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Federal Parliament Secretariat (FPS) of Nepal for Federal Parliament Secretariat/International Republican Institute(IRI) funded by USAID, (2019)
  • Third Party Evaluation of Micro Enterprise Development Program for Poverty Alleviation (MEDPA) of Kailali, Kanchanpur, and Bajhang districts (2019).
  • Third Party Evaluation of Micro Enterprise Development Program for Poverty Alleviation (MEDPA) of Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur (2018).
  • Preparation of Human Resource Manual to develop the organization performance and strengthen of employees capacities for Nepal Stock Exchange(NEPSE), 2018.
  • Preparation of Trade Profile of Priority Export Potentials of Nepal of various Goods for Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply(MOICS) GoN, 2018.
  • Third Party Evaluation of Micro Enterprise Development Program for Poverty Alleviation (MEDPA) in nine districts of Eastern Development Region for Department of Cottage and Small Industry, GoN. (2017)
  • Third Party Evaluation of Micro Enterprise Development Program for Poverty Alleviation (MEDPA) in six districts of Mid and Far Western Development Region for Department of Cottage and Small Industry, GoN. (2016)
  • Preparation of Excise Manual (First Revision, 2015) for Inland Revenue Department, GoN. (2015)
  • Impact study of Treasury Single Account (TSA) implementation in Public Finance in Nepal for Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Secretariat, GoN. (2015)
  • Study on formulation of strategy to manage human resources for Revenue Group under Nepal Administrative Service for Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal (2014)
  • Feasibility Study of Data Linkage of Inland Revenue Department, Government of Nepal with Other Selected Offices for USAID (NEAT Activity), (2012/13)
  • Studied on Improving Customs Communication for USAID (NEAT Activity), (2012)
  • Prepared Export Import Act, its Regulations and Procedures for USAID (NEAT Activity) (2011)
  • Feasibility Study of Exporter’s and Importer’s ID (2011) for USAID (NEAT Activity)
  • Prepared a Manual for Monitoring and Execution of Civil Charters in Government Offices for MOGA/GON (2011).
  • Completed pre-feasibility study of Inland Clearance Container Depot (an infrastructure project) in Custom points at Sarlahi, Saptari, Gaur and Maheshpur in collaboration with Full Bright Consultancy, Kathmandu for Nepal Intermodal Transportation Development Board. (2011)
  • Submitted a study report for Ministry of Health and Population on Impact of ambulance services in the country which have been procured with the exemption of duties from the government (2010/11).
  • Submitted a study report on Natural Resources, Potentiality Market and Target Groups Analysis of Sarlahi district for Micro-enterprise Development Program (MEDEP/UNDP) (2010/11).
  • Prepared a study report on Capacity Enhancement of District Development Committee (DDC) Lamjung DDC, GON (2009/10).
  • Concluded a Study on Performance Evaluation of twenty major Saving and Credit Cooperative Societies of Kathmandu valley for Department of Cooperatives, GON (2009/10).
  • Completed a study on Nepal Adolescent and Youth Survey for Ministry of Health and Population, GON, (2009/10).
  • Study on Analysis of Natural Resources, Potentiality, Market Demand and Target Groups in Micro-enterprise Development Program working districts like Dailekh and Kalikot, UNDP/Ministry of Industry (2009).
  • Organized series of dialogue programs to frame Economic Policy Issues i.e. “Development Strategies: Medium Term Perspective”, “Privatization”, “Fiscal Management”, “Trade Policy and Regime”, “Industrialization” and “Macro Economic Policy” with financial support from Enabling State Program/DFID, UK, in 2007. Senior leaders of political parties, private sector and academia had participated in the program.(2007-09)
  • Preparation of Handbooks on Customs Valuation and Post Clearance Audit and organizing workshop cum seminar on these subjects for staffs of various Customs Offices and Customs Agents with support from UNDP. (2007/08).
  • Study on ways and means to Control Revenue Leakage and Irregularities in revenue administration to Ministry of Finance, GON with the assistance of World Bank. (2006).
  • Prepared a report on “Legislative Review Study on Customs Policies of GON” for Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries with the assistance of ESP/DFID. (2005).
  • Preparation of WTO Compatible Customs Valuation and Post Clearance Audit Manual with support from UNDP, Nepal. The Manual is approved by GON and is in practice being used by the Customs Officials. This is also translated into Nepali (2005).
  • Worked as local partner of International Law Institute, USA in the preparation of present Public Procurement Act and Regulations for Nepal with support from World Bank. (2005).
  • Study on transparency level of the Ministries and Departments of Government of Nepal for Transparency International, Nepal in collaboration with AC Nielsen with support from USAID. (2004).
  • Assessment study on the implementation of Public Service Commission’s and Auditor General’s annual reports of various years with the assistance of Transparency International, Nepal. (2003).
  • A study for Nepal Electricity Authority to assess the quality of its service, and the supply and the distribution of electricity. (2002).
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Seminars and Workshops

 Capacity building and development of civil society is important for strengthening the pillars of a nation. CPPD organizes seminars and workshops to policy makers, professionals, experts and stakeholders to share, interact and discuss and learn about issues such as Nepal’s economic policy, industry, trade, labor, good governance bilateral and multilateral treaties and governance.


  • Pre-budget discussion programs on the formulation of annual national budgets of various years. The discussion program attended by the then Finance Ministers and provided series of recommendations to the government for consideration while formulating the budget.
  • Discussion program on “Nepal’s Planned Development-Lessons Learnt”. This program helped facilitate the preparation of the Tenth Plan document by the National Planning Commission in 2001.
  • Discussion program on the Income Tax Bill to suggest reforms in 2001. Helped to improve the draft.
  • A seminar on Possible impacts of Nepal’s WTO membership in 2001. Information disseminated to stakeholders.
  • A seminar titled “Problems and Solution of Commercial Bank’s Liquidity, Investment and Debt-recovery” was held in 2001. Information disseminated to the commercial banks particularly to the government run banks in the country.

Talk Programs

Public Talk program and civil discourse is the corner stone of any democratic society. Since, its inception days, CPPD has continuously involved itself with organizing talk program on various themes and issues which need policy attention.

  • A talk program was organized for the Governor of Central Bank of Uganda to share Uganda’s experiences in poverty-alleviation activities in 2001. Information disseminated to stakeholders.

  • A talk program on ways and means to improve the governance, especially by strengthening Nepal’s public administrative system in 2001.
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Training Programs

CPPD provides a variety of training courses for CSOs, civil servants, policy analysts engaged in development projects. Previously it had conducted training programs on income tax planning and tax management to private and public corporate staff.  

  • Several training programs on Income Tax planning and tax management to private and public corporate staffs from the establishment of the Centre. This has helped the respective corporate houses to improve their financial administration particularly on tax matters.
  • Training program on Property Tax Management to Kathmandu Metropolitan Office staffs in 2003. This has helped KMC staff to collect property tax effectively.
  • Tutorials for female candidates appearing for the Public Service Commission exams for the post of Section Officer with the assistance of Mainstreaming Gender Equity Program, UNDP in 2002. This program helped the candidates to pass the PSC Examination.