About Us

Established in 2001, CPPD is a Nepal-based NGO involved in research, training, dialogues, and advisory activities on various issues of Nepalese national development.

 CPPD also serves as the research wing of International Development Institute, a capacity building and training institute based in Washington DC, United States.

CPPD seeks to use its unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences to provide a forum where professionals, experts and stakeholders from different walks of life can meet, discuss, interact and analyses development issues in the best interest of Nepal. CPPD works extensively with the GoN including the MoF and NRB as well as local Nepalese banks and MFIs.

It has worked with DFID, USAID, World Bank, and other donors to reach those in the poorest and most remote areas throughout all seven provinces of Nepal.

CPPD serves a bridge between the general public and policy makers on contemporary socio-economic issues such as poverty reduction, gender issue, unemployment, environment management, rural development, devolution of power, labour management, and good governance. In doing so, CPPD helps formulate people-oriented development policies, provides policy inputs to the government, NGOs, and civil society on development issues, plays a catalytic role in generating ideas to address contemporary development issues the country is facing, and conducts research studies, training programmes, and dialogues while providing a forum to policy makers, professionals, experts and stakeholders to share interact, discuss and deliberate on such issues.

Specifically, CPPD has undertaken several financial sector development projects to the satisfaction of its clients including the organisation of a “Problems and Solution of Commercial Bank’s Liquidity, Investment and Debt-recovery” seminar designed to disseminate information to Nepal’s commercial banks as well as a study on “Control Revenue Leakage and Irregularities” with the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Finance and the World Bank. CPPD’s team comprising ex-senior NRB and MoF officials will help facilitate the relationships with the NRB, MoF and relevant government ministries.