Building on past knowledge & experience
for better public policy development & discourse

About Us

Established in 2001, Centre for Public Policy Dialogue (CPPD) is a Nepal-based NGO involved in research, training, dialogues, and advisory activities on various issues of Nepalese national development. CPPD also serves as the research wing of International Development Institute, a capacity building and training institute based in Washington DC, United States. CPPD seeks to use its unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences to provide a forum where professionals, experts and stakeholders from different walks of life can meet, discuss, interact and analyses development issues in the best interest of Nepal. Read More

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the public policies through research, training and dialogue for prosperous Nepal.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide platform for essential information sharing through research and policy dialogue to shape the better Nepal.

  • Help formulate people-oriented development policies.
  • Provide policy inputs  on development issues.
  • Play a catalytic role in terms of  generating ideas to address contemporary  development issues the country is facing, and
  • Conduct research studies, training programs, dialogues and provide forum to policy makers, professionals, experts and stakeholders to share, interact, discuss and deliberate on various issues.


  • Conduct studies including feasibility and impact assessments, analyses, and research works on issues such as Nepal’s economic policy, industry, trade, labor, good governance, gender mainstreaming, youth-related issues, poverty reduction, social inclusion in development programs, resource mobilizations and management in federal units, rural development, urbanization, environment protection, bilateral and multilateral treaties and governance.
  • Organize interaction programs, seminars, trainings, dialogues, round-table meetings and talk programs.
  • Organize workshops and trainings for development workers, corporate houses, grass-root development facilitators and linking up with those at the policy-making level.
  • Bring public concerns to the notice of the policy-makers, carry out research on different aspects of development.

What We Do


CPPD independent research, analysis, and policy development aims to open up opportunities and prosperity for all Nepalese. During the last two decades, CPPD has undertaken several research projects studies on issues of development economics, See More

Seminars & Workshops

CPPD organizes seminars and workshop to policy makers, professionals, experts and stakeholders to share, interact and discuss and learn about issues such as Nepal’s economic policy, industry, trade, labor, good governance bilateral and multilateral See More 

Public Talk

Public Talk program and civil discourse is the corner stone of any democratic society. Since, its inception days, CPPD has continuously involved itself with organizing talk program on various themes and issues which need policy attention. See More

Training Programs

CPPD provides a variety of training courses for CSOs, civil servants, policy analysts engaged in development projects. Previously it had conducted training programs on income tax planning and tax management to private and public See More


Our Engagements